We depend on referrals from other attorneys for the vast majority of our case inventory. Mark McGrath receives referrals from all over the state of North Carolina and from other jurisdictions as well. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

We realize that you may handle third party worksite injury cases, electrical injury claims, and crime victim matters in the course of your own practice. We also realize that The McGrath Firm is a startup, and that many of our potential referral sources already have firms and attorneys to whom they regularly refer such cases. We hope that our experience and results persuade you to give us the first look at your case. We realize, however, that the scope of your own practice and your relationship with other referral sources may not put The McGrath Firm at the top of your list.

Here is what we would propose: if you or an attorney to whom you referred a case is not interested in pursuing it, we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to put a fresh set of eyes on the case. Interestingly, many of the cases that Mark has brought to successful conclusion were previously declined by one, or as many as five law firms.

With respect to our workplace injury practice, we are extremely creative when it comes to identifying potentially liable third parties. We closely analyze OSHA reports, applicable statutes and regulations, property records, management agreements, relationships between related corporate entities, construction contracts and other sources of evidence to determine if someone other than the worker’s employer had a duty to provide the worker with a safe place to work. We are well connected with nationally recognized expert witnesses who are able to identify duties owed to the injured worker, the relevant standards of care, and the manner in which the third party breached its duty and caused the worker’s injuries.

With respect our representation of crime victims in civil actions, we have successfully used franchise agreements, leases, management agreements and other contracts to impose duties on the business, property owner, lessee, franchisor or other party in control of the property where the crime occurred. We have access to some of the leading security experts in the country. These experts are available to testify regarding security measures that should have been in place at the property to establish the standard of care. Such measures might include the employment of security guards, better lighting, key control, use of fences and security gates and other security measures. These experts can further show through testimony that the defendants breached the duty owed to the crime victim, and that this negligence proximately caused the victim’s injuries.

If you have a case involving an electrocution or electrical injury we would be honored to assist your pursuit of the parties responsible for the death or injury suffered by the victim. We are intimately familiar with the complex codes, industrial standards, rules, statutes and regulations that come into play in electrical injury and electrocution cases. We have also developed a national network of electrical safety experts we routinely call upon to assist with the litigation of these cases. If you have a case involving a death or injury from electricity, we can help.

The McGrath Firm provides generous referral and fee sharing arrangements, and we share fees with referring attorneys to the full extent permitted by the North Carolina State Bar. During litigation we keep our referring attorneys updated every step of the way. Among other things we send a monthly status letter to the referring attorney to provide information regarding the status of the case. Of course, we happily accept calls regarding the progress of the case. Lawyers who have referred cases to Mark McGrath tend to stay with him. To those of you who have previously referred cases to Mark, we would be honored to review your case and to have the opportunity to work with you again. For those attorneys who have not referred cases to Mark before, we are asking that you give us a shot. You won’t be disappointed.